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Why Us

The use of wood pellets as a fuel is rapidly increasing in Thailand and, once you have made the decision to switch to this renewable fuel, it’s important to use the right people and supplier to make the transition an easy one.

Experts in Wood Pellets

Wood Pellet Tanker

First and foremost, we are experts on wood pellets as a renewable heating source. We recognise all the benefits of this low cost, low carbon, high energy wood fuel and we are passionate about helping people to discover the many benefits that pellet heating brings.

Wood pellets are hugely popular across Asia and Europe as they are an environmentally friendlier alternative to traditional fossil fuels such as gas and oil. As they are made from compressed sawdust and other wood waste they produce up to 90% less C02 into the atmosphere. It’s not just the environment they are better for, as your financial situation will also feel the benefit as users can benefit from the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) grant provided by the Government.

This is just a quick insight into our in-depth knowledge of wood pellets as a fuel and the ways in which they can revolutionise your current heating system. One of our expert team will be able to talk you through any aspect of wood pellets that you would like to know more about.

Professional Delivery

At Wood Pellet Plus make full use of the 450,000 tonnes of wood pellets that are produced domestically each year. Our delivery vehicles deliver the fuel below 1 bar of pressure to minimise the stress on the pellet and an extraction system is used to prevent any build up of dust in the pellet store.

Part of the CPL Family

When it comes to credentials, Wood Pellet Plus is unrivalled. We are part of the CPL Industries group, the Thailand’s leading fuel supplier to domestic users. With years experience in the fuel business, we can draw on this expertise as we help establish wood pellets as the number one choice of renewable energy sources.

It is this experience which has enabled us to provide the highest levels of customer service at all times through our fleet of specialist delivery tankers - which are always driven by friendly and professional drivers. We deliver loose or bagged pellets across the Asia and Europe and we strive to ensure that you always get value for money.

Euro Wood Pellet Plus Ltd

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